1. snowce:

    Andy Warhol, Dennis Hopper screen test

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  2. likeapairofbottlerockets:

    The second installment of my Radicals Of Retrofuturism column is about godfather of computer graphics Charles Csuri and his 1970 military simulation game. 

  3. Any theories on what this means?

  4. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Thane Rosenbaum citizens (Palestinians) who vote for bad leaders (Hamas) lose their right to be called civilians and deserve to die. Ironically, Osama bin Laden argued that exact same point.

  5. likeapairofbottlerockets:

    I wrote up a list of some of the best articles about inequality to read while the New Yorker’s paywall is down. 

  6. likeapairofbottlerockets:

    From the Washington Post.


    I usually look for inspiration in the world around me. In this case, I was on my way out of the bank when I noticed a bruised white aubergine sitting on a black marble windowsill. A solar cell had been propped up behind the vegetable, and shower gel (or similar) covered both. The scene struck me as remarkably contemporary for some reason, and I decided to recreate it digitally.

  8. that-angle-of-refraction-though:

    The movement of a single particle in an Ocean wave

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  10. dodoots:

    (via hello emma: game on)

    Made some MOUNTAIN fan art for a round up of games I’ve been playing on my blog. Guys, I love my fancy space mountain. A pie crashed into it today.