1. likeapairofbottlerockets:

    Probably the best photo I’ve ever taken (?) of Ninja at Die Antwoord last night, which I wrote about here

  3. "Born In Flames," Lizze Borden’s 1983 Fantasy Of Radical Feminist Revolution 

    Much of the film consists of realistic discussions between factions of radical feminist movements: the anti-hierarchical “Women’s Army,” who believe women should be ready to take violent action against those that threaten them, two pirate radio stations, which serve as the film’s chorus, and three intellectual white interns at a prominent socialist newspaper, who feel extreme feminist separatism is tearing the movement apart. All of these positions have been taken over and over again throughout the history of leftist politics.

    “All oppressed people have a right to violence,” activist Flo Kennedy posits. “It’s like the right to pee: you’ve gotta have the right place, you’ve gotta have the right time, you’ve gotta have the appropriate situation. And believe me, this is the appropriate situation.”

  4. newyorker:

    Artist Eric Drooker shares the inspiration behind next week’s cover, “Ferguson, Missouri.”

  5. iasminomarata:

    a pic of my of my huge mural for the art show Assalamualaikum Babycastles☆ it’s called “Crossbred,” it’s about 16 feet tall, painted in fluorescent acrylic ink, and lit by eight blacklights ☆ it’s about my experience being arab-american / half-white half-arab 

    the show is open at Babycastles through august, so if yr around, go see it!!!!! ( )ノ there’s a great writeup/more info on the show here 

    photo credit: aymann ismail / ANIMALNewYork)

    (via babycastles)

  6. likeapairofbottlerockets:

    In 1971, Pioneer Wendy Carlos Thought Everyone Was Ruining Electronic Music

    Most of the ‘magic boxes’ purport to simplify electronic music. The ghastly thing is that they, as a group, all do – simplify to the point of an imbecilic device which is happy to engage in cranking-out a totally unpredictable series of musical ‘notes,’ sounds, ‘exciting textures,’ whatever – what a lot of bunk.

    - Wendy Carlos, from my new piece. 

  7. alidasun:

    Room interpolation A. SUN

  9. scienceisbeauty:

    Yeah, in the human standard span of life it  would be about fifteen years (if you assume a life expectancy of humans around eighty, against flies that may live at best case one month, and probably a pretty humble month).

    By Bizarro.

  10. Making Prisoned, A Depressing Game About Depression

    But the attention that Prisoned has received has caught Juszczak totally off guard. “It’s pretty overwhelming for me,” he said. It’s his first game, and he doesn’t have much confidence in it. But it’s clear that the subject matter interests a lot of people, especially in a medium where serious topics are rarely explored.